Recording of vehicle data in real-time
By providing vehicle data via our on-board unit ASG, real-time information (such as charge state of electric vehicles, outside temperature, warning light, etc.) is recorded directly from the CAN bus of a vehicle and transmitted to the data center TrafficSoft.

We specialize in the data protection-compliant collection and provision of real-time vehicle data.

Provision of vehicle data for various mobility applications

TrafficSoft is a flexible and scalable software platform for delivering real-time vehicle data. Great emphasis is placed on the protection of personal information. It consists of a basic system and data preparation modules which can be subscribed to individually. Real-time information received from the vehicle is processed and transferred only to the authorized recipient and user without the need personal data.

Possible fields of application

Real-time vehicle data for the public sector

  • Traffic management
  • Electronic logbook
  • Electronic payment
  • eCall
  • Operational control winter service
  • E-mobility
  • Electronic toll payment; e-vignette; city tolls; green zones
  • Parking space management
  • Priority circuit for public transport
  • Mobility data collection, research on traffic information services
Provision of data to authorized mobility provider

  • Fleet management
  • Intermodal mobility
  • Car sharing
  • Electronic payment
  • CarFinder
  • Insurance
  • Emergency calls for car breakdown
  • Workshop repair service
  • Leasing/lease
  • Electronic logbook
  • E-mobility